There’s always been a demand for vintage style. At Victor Barboné, we are pleased to offer a wide selection of 1920s engagement rings. Get some old-fashioned class to celebrate your most important day!

Style Of The Times

Art Deco was the preferred style of the 1920s, signified by bold geometric forms, straight lines, and bright colors. It was also during this time that diamond-cutting techniques reached a new pinnacle of craftsmanship, offering the most scintillating diamonds that had ever been seen. There were also advancements in casting during this period, allowing jewelers to create more intricately detailed settings. You’ll find a full range of these characteristics in our collection!

Depending on your personality, the symbolism of a 1920s engagement ring could be a perfect match. It was a time of freethinking, of letting loose and being yourself, of a cultural awakening, with jazz as the backing music.

A Variety Of Stones & Shapes

At Victor Barboné, we care for each individual’s personal tastes. Even our 1920s ring collection is diverse and extensive. Do you prefer a platinum or white gold band? Do you want your diamond marquise cut, European cut or old mine cut? Do you want some vibrant color in your ring, like adding an emerald or ruby or sapphire? These are just a few options to choose from! We have a plethora of gorgeous rings from this incredible period to suit any style or budget. Shop today!