antique platinum & diamond engagement rings

Platinum and diamond engagement rings are simply classic! Rings featuring platinum settings began to appear with increasing frequency beginning in the Edwardian period. New jewelry making techniques allowed platinum to be worked with greater precision, unlocking the creativity of ring designers and jewelry makers. This style quickly grew to popularity and is still in high demand today! To help you in your search for the perfect ring, here are five vintage platinum & diamond engagement rings that we absolutely love!

Art Deco Delight

Just look at this stunner! The Coco engagement ring comes from the high point of the Art Deco Era, circa 1930. The centerpiece stone is a sizeable 2.23 ct transitional cut diamond that is an immediate eye-catcher. But the amazing thing about this ring is that the setting boasts a sleek, low profile despite the main diamond’s size. Platinum bezel features, subtle millegrain and delicate floral engravings down the shank add an extra touch of elegance, while a geometric arrangement of baguettes celebrates the iconic Art Deco style. This piece is glamorous and unique—an incredible platinum and diamond engagement ring!

Traditional Elegance

willow ring

The Willow engagement ring demonstrates that simple and gorgeous can easily go hand in hand. This 1930’s Tiffany & Co. engagement ring features a lovely 1.91 ct Old European cut diamond that makes an unforgettable first impression with its bright white E color! This large stone is held in a tab-style four-prong platinum setting with four bead-set diamonds on either side. Delicate millegrain detailing shows off this ring's Art Deco pedigree. The style is very traditional yet with unique embellishments and that create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

Endless Romance

lucy ring

And now for something truly romantic and unique: our rare and spectacular Lucy engagement ring. This ring is from the height of the Edwardian Era, circa 1910, and is an amazing example of the era’s sense of feminine style. The center stone is a 2.32 ct old pear cut diamond with a subtle yellow tint. The platinum bezel is surrounded by 24 sparkling diamonds in a variety of sizes in a lavish, dramatic design. Delicate millegrain detailing on the setting adds an even greater romantic flair. Another gorgeous example of the winning combination of platinum and diamond!

Sophisticated Beauty

blakely engagement ring

Style enthusiasts are passionate about the Art Deco era, and our Blakely engagement ring demonstrates why. The geometric design of this ring is a hallmark of pieces from the 1920s! The platinum box setting holds a GIA certified 1.71 ct old mine cut diamond, with five step-down arranged French Cut diamonds to either side to create a beautiful, sophisticated look. The lines of this ring are smart and attractive with a feel that is delightfully feminine and cultured.

Big & Bold

bernadette antique engagement ring

Our Bernadette engagement ring (SOLD OUT) makes no apologies: it's a big and bold vintage treasure from the Art Deco Era circa 1930! The 1.21 ct Asscher cut diamond is held in a platinum box setting, surrounded on all sides by a glittering constellation of 30 diamonds! Open scrolling filigree and millegrain detailing add to the luxury and elegance of this vintage platinum & diamond engagement ring.

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May 02, 2017 — Andria Rogers

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