Chris and Kerra
We absolutely LOVED working with this fiery AB couple. Chris and Kerra came in together on a trip to NYC and found their dream ring, the stunning Isadora ring, in our showroom that day!
Q: Why AB/ Why the Isadora ring?
 a: When Chris proposed to me, the plan was for me to design my own ring, but I thought it would be a good idea to try things on also, to see what I liked best in shape, size, color, everything. I'm an interior designer and therefore very picky about what I like visually, so I thought it would be impossible to find a ready-made ring that was exactly what I wanted.
I'd followed AB on social media for a while because I really loved the fresh way the older diamonds were being used, and I found the account generally inspiring. A best friend of mine also followed them, and when this Isadora popped up online, she spotted it immediately and sent it to me to look at. She knows me so well, and knew I would love it--and she was right! I knew I wanted a chunky/modern ring because I’m such a fan of modern cocktail jewelry in my day-to-day, and this particular diamond in this setting was so unique, but also looked like a cocktail ring I would just wear all the time anyway. It has the look of a signet ring, and it’s very, very me. Pair that with the incredible service and environment at AB, and I was shocked that I had found something even picky-gal me would die for—but there she was!! I couldn’t say no and I’m still obsessed with it.
Q: How did you find us?
 a:  I’m an Instagram stalker.
 Q: How was your experience working with AB?
 a: If I had just walked in and chosen AB from the beginning, it still would’ve been a perfect and unforgettable experience, but that’s not how my journey started. Chris worked for almost 6 months with another jewelry designer in NYC to try to design a ring for me and they just couldn’t seem to deliver anything at all. It was such a frustrating experience for him, and of course very disappointing for me. We came to NYC to meet with her personally this particular weekend, and I had made backup appointments with all my favorite ring designers to try things on, as much for the experience of ring shopping as for getting a feel for what I liked. VB was our last stop of the trip, and from the first email to the actual appointment, the whole team was so warm, inviting, accomadating, communicative, and excited! Having this appointment contrast so starkly with our previous ring-shopping experiences just made VB stand out even more than they already would have, and I’m so grateful to have found them and been welcomed to their studio. I can’t possibly say enough about how much I love the VB team.
Q: How did you and Chris meet?
 a:  Chris and I met on the first day of 6th grade. I laid eyes on him in English class and I was TOAST. He was so lovely (and CUTE OMG), and funny, and smart, and he made me feel super fuzzy. We spent 6th-12th grades together, riding the same school bus and living in the same neighborhood. We parted ways after high school graduation but reconnected Thanksgiving 2019, and now all my middle school dreams are finally coming true.
Q: How did you propose?
 a: This one might not resonate with most people hahahaha… Chris and I are HUGE Love Island fans. (The British version, obviously.) They do something on the show called a “recoupling” ceremony, and the guys stand up one by one and give a speech about which gal they’d like to couple up with (don’t worry, the girls and guys take turns picking every other week!)—and it’s mushy gold. Chris and I had just finished the most recent season and were sitting in our living room, when Chris said “I’d like to couple up with this girl because…” and proceeded to tell me all the reasons why he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. By the end we were both sobbing, I said yes, and we hugged and kissed and booked a trip to NYC to find me a ring.
Q: Any other fun facts or cute tidbits you would like us to know!
 a:  Chris and I have only danced together once, and it was a holiday middle school dance. I had gathered up the courage to ask him if he would dance with me before the night was over (not brave enough to ask for a dance then and there), and when the DJ announced it was the last song of the night, I held my breath and Chris came up and asked me to dance. I’d never heard the song before but it was a slow one, and I was so nervous but excited!!! Turns out the song built up and up and up to the point it was actually quite fast, but we were both committed to slow dancing at this point, so we just stayed on the dance floor awkwardly slow dancing for the majority of the song. Which song was it? "All I want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey. So that’s still our song. 

Thanks for sharing Chris and Kerra! We wish you two a lifetime of love! 

         XX- The AB Team

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June 07, 2023 — Alyse Rosenblatt

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