Summer is right around the corner! Are you thinking about popping the question during this romantic season? It's a great time of year to do it! The summer season is full of long days, warm nights, friends’ weddings, and romantic getaways! We know that coming up with the perfect proposal idea can definitely be intimidating, so to help you get the creativity flowing, here are a few great summer proposal ideas that are sure to make her say yes!

Beneath a Summer Fireworks Show

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Romance and love are always compared to seeing fireworks. Why not make the metaphor come to life? Summer fireworks opportunities always include the “big three”—Memorial Day, Labor Day and of course the 4th of July. Another great thing about this summer proposal idea is that it’s easy to involve friends and family without giving away the surprise! Bonus: fireworks proposals make for perfect photo ops!

If you’d prefer to make the proposal a bit more personal, the key is to find a romantic location. A picnic blanket on a beach is a great idea. Or find a scenic height where you can have a good view of the fireworks from a distance. You want a location where the spectacle and beauty of the fireworks is undiminished but still provides an opportunity for intimacy and privacy!

On a Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Who has really ever ridden in a hot air balloon?! What better time to do so than at your proposal!! It's a spectacular and adventurous way to kick off your life together. There's just something about being perched high in the sky with the world at your feet that lends itself to romance. If your partner is not too keen on heights, a scenic boat ride or gondola ride are great alternatives!

Somewhere Unique to the Two of You

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The best thing about proposals is that this is the time to show how much you really love them and really personalize it! Pick a place that is special to the two of you, even if it isn’t photogenic or noteworthy to anyone else. My husband proposed to me in an old cigar factory that was under construction. It was a very special building to us, even though no one else really got it! He couldn’t have chosen a better spot!

Quick Summer Proposal Tips

Once you come up with the perfect summer proposal idea, use these simple tips to help ensure everything runs smoothly:

  • If you're planning for an outdoor proposal during summer, be sure to check the weather! Make sure you’re prepared for intense heat and have a back-up plan for any pop up thunderstorms. Even if it does rain, that’s fun too!
  • The “golden minutes” just after sunrise or just before sunset are gorgeous times to stage your proposal! The lighting during this time has that perfect romantic glow that photographs divinely and sets a lovely ambiance. If you're planning to hire a photographer (you should!), they'll also appreciate your natural lighting choice!
  • Summer is a time for getting together for events and late night soirees. If you plan your proposal to coincide with an event, you can have some intimacy but still include friends and family in your special day!
  • Plan ahead and pick a moment when your partner will look and feel her best. Don't surprise her at the end of a long travel day or at an awkward time! Oh, and a planned manicure never hurt anyone!

Don’t Forget the Ring!

It is your job to plan the perfect proposal and our job to help you find the perfect ring! Explore our curated collection of vintage engagement rings at Victor Barboné Jewelry to find something as one of a kind as she is!

April 24, 2017 — Andria Rogers

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