Ah, summer - our favorite time of year. This is the season we feel most alive, the most inspired. This year, we've been channeling our most romantic Victorian summer dreams: nights in the garden, reading by candlelight, surrounding ourselves with beautiful things that take us back in time. Have a look at some of our jewelry and art picks, all available on Artsper, and join us on our midsummer night's dream... 

We have to start with this quintessentially Victorian cluster ring: we love the feminine, floral feel of Mina. Paired with our Perfect band and Cassia, an antique five pearl half hoop, we're feeling all the sweet summer romance vibes. 

 We adore a still life, and this lovely oil painting of luscious fruits brings a feeling of sweet serenity. A vintage work, too - very up our alley! 

 Still life, circa 1950 by Ernesto Alcide Campestrini

Another one of our Victorian favorites: these Dragonfly earrings. Beautiful old cut diamonds set in patina-ed silver and gold give the look of a dragonfly alighting on a dew covered daisy. 

We can perfectly imagine the scent of blooming garden roses as we gaze into this charming oil painting by this accomplished artist from Cyprus. 

Garden Roses by Diana Malivani

Lilibet, with its double halo of pearls and diamonds, is full of whimsy. It's the perfect statement ring and goes beautifully with all of your summer wedding-guest dresses. Couple it with your AB engagement ring, and you've got quite a look. 

 This slice-of-life photograph captures the perfect summer day - picnicking by the pond, children sailing toy boats, enjoying a cold drink in elegant clothes. We love this piece by an iconic photographer. 

Summer Picnic by Slim Aarons


The sweet Johanne ring features the most gorgeous old European cut stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds and engraved flowers along the band. Paired with a pearl band - just perfection. 

This photograph takes us to another time and place - now we're dreaming of diving into crystal blue water off the balcony of a chateau on the coast. 

Loulou Cassis by Bernard Biancotto

There's nothing like curling up with a good book by candlelight, and hey - it doesn't hurt to have Camille 5.52 on your finger while you're at it. 

For more summer inspiration, check out all of our antique ring collection and the rest of Artsper's large collection of works of art!

July 25, 2023 — Lila Abboud

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