VB Takes France: The Paris Shoot

“Paris is always a good idea.” This summer Victor Barboné tested out Audrey Hepburn’s words as we collaborated with Sophie Kaye Photography (all those lovely pics on Instagram? Yes, that’s her) on a photoshoot in Paris. The stars aligned as VB owner Andria was exploring Europe at the same time that VB’s premier photographer was covering a wedding in France!

The Louvre

The Photographer

Victor Barboné has enjoyed a partnership with Sophie Kaye Photography for the last year, teaming up to create close to 90% of VB’s Instagram content. Andria raves about the NYC-based photographer and her work on the Parisian shoot. She has a really good eye for detail, amazing coordination skills, and is bursting with novel ideas for new poses, angles, and lighting.

Vintage Engagement Rings 

Julian N. Photography is a man of many talents and took care of hair and makeup and provided some behind-the-scenes shots!

Behind the Scenes

The Photoshoot

The Parisian shoot took place on August 21. We hired the GORGEOUS, Moroccan-native Salma to model our vintage beauties in two different Tatyana Merenyuk gowns. One gown was a light peach silk slip dress that is both sexy and elegant and oh, so Parisian! The other gown was a soft, whimsical light grey dress which was both posh and fun to be a bit untraditional and a deviation from the traditional white!

Louvre Photoshoot

For the backdrop we rented out a classic Parisian apartment and to capture Paris’ posh landscape we also made our way to the Louvre, Paris’ darling art museum that is surrounded by equally impressive French gardens!

Wedding Inspiration

The Rings!

Vintage Engagement Rings

We showcased thirteen Barboné beauties (pictured below) including four French pieces: Nigella, Beverly, Belva, and Greer (not really French, but she has French cut diamonds so we'll count it!). 

1. Belva

2. Evangeline

3. Beverly

4. Greer

5. Gerri

6. January

7. Clover

8. Brynn

9. Polly

10. Freesia

11. Nigella

12. Havana

13. Ursa


Why is Paris a good idea?

“It mirrors our brand,” Andria remarked. Like our rings, Parisian architecture isn’t cookie cutter. Crown molding, high ceilings, wooden floors, balconies, and even door knobs- each detail is well thought-out and intimately crafted. The soft, muted colors of Paris’ palette provide a sumptuous backdrop to showcase our gems. Paris captures everything VB seeks to embody: elegance, craftsmanship, and appreciation for antique and vintage aesthetic. And since Paris is always a good idea, so is Victor Barboné! 

Parisian Architecture
September 28, 2017 — Andria Rogers

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