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YAY! You just got engaged and you can't wait to share the news and post your new (or old) ring to your social media!

But wait!

Diamonds are not the easiest subject to photograph. Actually, it is quite difficult to capture their beauty on camera. So before you snap and post, here are some quick tips and tricks that will ensure your ring looks as good on your Instagram as it does in real life. 

How to Properly Photograph your Ring with an iPhone


Rule #1: NEVER use flash!

I repeat, NEVER! Even if you are in the darkest of dark cavernous dungeons, don't use it. Your diamond will always look better without flash. Diamonds are cut to optimally reflect natural light so the harsh light of a flash just ends up washing out the diamond and making it look dull and dark.

Rule #2: Don't use the forward facing camera.

The forward facing camera is not as good of quality as the rear camera so it is not able to capture a crisp, clear photo of a diamond. Use the rear camera instead. It's easier anyways.

Rule #3: Pay attention to the details!

Sometimes you can get too distracted by capturing the beauty of the ring that you forget to look at the rest of the photo. Make sure that your background is aesthetically pleasing and clutter free. Make sure that your hands look good too as that adds to the overall feel of the photo. 

Rule #4: Get the right lighting.

This may be the most important rule. Good lighting is critical in all photography but it is essential with diamonds. You gotta be Goldilocks on this one. Too much light (flash) makes your diamond look dark and too dim of lighting makes it look dull as well. You must get it just right. The pros recommend continuous natural daylight lighting and diffused lighting. Basically this means light that fills a room and is not a single source shining down on your ring. I prefer afternoon on a sunny day, when the sun is beginning its descent. Indirect sunlight is best so standing between the sun and your diamond can provide just enough light to really make your diamond shine and not too much light that it drowns it out!

BONUS TIP: Make sure your diamond is clean!

The smallest amount of dirt or grease (fingerprints) can drastically change how your diamond looks. Be sure to give your diamond a quick or thorough wipe down so that it is optimally sparkly! See our post on How to Clean a Vintage Engagement Ring at Home.


Portrait Mode vs Standard Mode

While Portrait Mode on iPhone is great for some shots, we do not recommend using it to take photos of your ring because often times Portrait Mode cannot focus that small, making it difficult to focus on the diamond. Stick with the Standard Camera Mode on iPhone for the most crisp and most flattering pic of your lovely vintage stone. We use this method for all our Instagram content and it hasn't failed us yet!


Good luck!

February 02, 2016 — Darren Boulton

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