Vintage. Handmade. DIY. The possibilities are endless when it comes to ring boxes! You don't have to feel limited to the ring box that your jeweler of choice provides. You can get creative with ring boxes and select a one-of-a-kind box to make your proposal highly personalized and to show off your beautiful vintage ring!

Here are our top 6 recommendations for ring boxes for your pending proposal:


6. Clifton $99-$109

If the suprise factor is of the utmost importance in your proposal, then this is the ring box for you! The Clifton ring box was created by packaging designer Andrew Zo and is designed to look like a wallet so that the proposer can protect his/her motives from the proposee. When closed, the Clifton box holds the ring flat and when opened, the ring swivels up and is perfectly showcased!

5. Faceted Wood Ring Box $91.55



This ring box is handmade by Woodstorming, a shop on Etsy that specializes in handmade wooden ring boxes and other small wooden items. This box is our favorite of theirs because of its unique design and the cream fabric interior (they also have black as an option). The facets of the wood are great foreshadowing to the faceted gem below and the shape is unlike any other ring box on the market!

4. Glass box $28

Probably impractical for an out-of-pocket proposal, but things of beauty often are impractical. If you are employing a different proposal method from the aforementioned, then this ring box may be for you! From the Etsy shop shopworksofglass comes this handmade clear iridized stained glass with silver colored sides to give it a vintage feel and look for a great price!

3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Priceless $4 on Amazon


If your proposee is a Potter fan, what better way to make it personalized than using the sixth HP book as the box! The first chapter is called "The Unbreakable Vow" so it would require a bit of DIY to recreate the above photo, but totally worth it!

2. DIY Gilded Oyster Shell  Free + gold paint

Go out for oysters (a natural aphrodisiac) and then pop the question in your DIY gilded oyster shell! Shannon Smith gives her DIY tutorial to create the above look here.  An au-natural look from the oyster shell plus the elegant gold paint results in one impressive ring presentation!

1. The Mrs. Box $75+


Oh, The Mrs. Box! The most beautiful ring box we have seen thus far! And definitely the best photography and styling! These boxes are handmade from authentic French vintage velvet in the most delectable of hues. They are gorgeous, age well, are FANTASTIC for photographing your rings and wedding day detail shots, and come in the cutest packaging!

Which one would you choose?


Brandon D Whitaker said:

Nice selection. Will be purchasing

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