In my personal opinion, there are two things that make a proposal EXTRA special:

1) Having something that is highly personalized to the two of you, and

2) Showing that you put extra thought into it!

Oh, and a third:

3) A vintage engagement ring!

Alex and Annie with their Crossword Puzzle!

Annie did all three with her well-thought out proposal to Alex! Here's what happened (in Annie's words):

"I proposed this Sunday while we were in Washington DC with the help of the Wall Street Journal Crossword puzzle. Shortly after purchasing the ring from Victor Barbone I reached out to the WSJ to ask for their help proposing with their daily printed crossword puzzle as Alex and I love doing crossword puzzles (it's sort of our thing). Truthfully I didn't think I would receive a response, but by the end of the day was discussing with their head puzzle-maker how to make a puzzle proposal a reality. The WSJ worked with me to create a puzzle that included our names (Annie and Alex), Alex's last name (Lockwood-split into two words), my nickname for Alex (Owl), and the theme words "engagement ring", "pop the question", and "will you marry me".

Crossword Puzzle Proposal

Long story short, we solved the puzzle together this weekend (I thought Alex would pickup on the clues and begin to figure things out, but instead she solved the whole puzzle and I had to point out all the clues about us) and as I pointed out the answer " will you marry me" I opened the ring box and asked her, "will you marry me". She said yes right away, but was completely shocked! Needless to say she had lots of questions regarding how I managed to have the WSJ print and publish a puzzle for our engagement, now we have a great story to go with a beautiful ring (she LOVES the ring by the way). 

Thank you for all your help in making our engagement so special and memorable which such a gorgeous ring (I'm giddy every time I see it on her finger). "

Vintage Solitaire Engagement Ring

Not only do Alex and Annie have the special keepsake of the crossword puzzle to keep to remember this exciting time, but the Wall Street Journal also wrote an article about the whole thing!

Annie selected the Claire ring: a classix 0.90 ct Old European cut solitaire in a yellow gold setting that had lovely patina on it to show its age! 

Old European Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring
May 02, 2016 — Andria Rogers

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