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Weddings and engagements are steeped in tradition. With that said, many contemporary couples are deciding to express their love in a way that truly reflects their individual sense of style. For an engagement ring that defies convention and is delightfully uncommon, a Black Engagement Ring from the Victor Barboné collection is an excellent option.

Enchanting & Exquisite

If the love of your life has a unique sense of style, it deserves to be celebrated. Bold, unorthodox, and undeniably beautiful, rings with black gemstones or settings always make a statement and are impossible to ignore. Rather than presenting her with a run-of-the-mill diamond engagement ring, consider opting for a distinctive style that pairs crisp white diamonds with beautiful black onyx stones.

The juxtaposition of colors creates captivating contrast, resulting in a diamond ring that is dynamic in design. The presence of onyx or black enamel in the setting gives a ring an enchanting yet unconventional appearance. The dark contrast successfully highlights the radiant, lustrous diamonds or other gemstones present in the design.  

Break From Tradition

Black engagement rings are the perfect pick if you are looking for a style that will truly set her apart. If your leading lady is chic, rebellious, and alternative, consider breaking from tradition and presenting her with a ring that is as exceptional as she is. The Victor Barboné collection features a variety of vintage and antique engagement rings that are sure to impress. Shop today!